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Meet the Founder

The BDÉT personal hygiene range has been developed by Founder Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Her discovery of this phenomenal product, the BDÉT Foam Wash, has been revised and developed over two decades through the necessity to feel clean after one of our most natural bodily functions. Founder of her principle company, Kiwee, Billie Jo and her father Thomas Hohepa, developed their bathroom innovation, The Kiwee Lifter, the handsfree hygienic toilet seat lifter, which is now for sale online ​ Now they have released the BDÉT Foam Wash which they say is having a profound impact on people who want to feel fresh and clean after they've been to the bathroom. ​ "If you only use toilet paper, then this will change your life. It really is that good, and you won't go back to using wet wipes ever again! ​

Image by Sebastian Unrau

The BDÉT range set includes the Foam Wash and Room Perfume. 

"For the BDÉT Room Perfume, I wanted to create a product that smelt beautiful like perfume. It really annoys me how many toilet sprays smell like chemicals and actually make the toilet area smell worse after you've been to the toilet. So I decided to create a 100% natural spray that was made out of real perfume, and what better perfume can you get than from France.


 I just think that the ladies or men's room should smell good when you leave it for when someone else walks in. So, the 5ml purse pack is the perfect size to carry discretely in your hand, purse, or in your pocket. All our bottles are refillable so we want customers to be able to reuse and recycle."


Billie worked with an Auckland-based perfumes who originates from France and is totally passionate about the combination of notes and complex formulations that perfumes can create. The BDÉT range consists of Måori names that resemble hints of indigenous fragrances and notes that carry great meaning.


"My whakapapa/geneology includes Måori and French ancestry so the references to the name BDÉT and Maori scent names is a nod to my family bloodlines on both my father and mother's sides.

"So I hope you enjoy the BDÉT range as I have enjoyed creating it for all to enjoy. We look forward to your feedback and reviews about our very unique Foam Wash & Room Perfume products. 

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