The best way to clean up after going to the toilet

By Stephen Ngunya

There are two main areas that matter when talking about toilet hygiene. First and foremost, it concerns the cleanliness of the toilet and secondly it is the cleanliness of the toilet user called personal toilet hygiene.

Personal Grooming After Doing a Short or Long Call

There is a lot involved in grooming your private parts. The way a man should clean themselves after using the bathroom is different from how a woman should clean themselves.

Ladies Grooming

Ladies toilet hygiene is different from men. For ladies to get clean well after doing number two, depends on which direction they wipe their butt. It is always recommended to wipe their butt away from their private parts to avoid transferring the fecal matter to their vagina.

Also, a lady has to avoid having long pubic hair because it can affect her personal hygiene after doing a short call. She needs to shave her pubic hair regularly so that after a short call, it becomes easier to clean up urine from her privates. Very long pubic hair can lead to odours due to urine accumulating in the privates. The hair can hold onto bacteria if it is not cleaned well. You really don’t have to shave bald, the goal is to keep the pubic hair short enough to make cleaning it easy.

Men Grooming

For men, because they don’t wet their pubic hair when urinating, they can keep the pubic hair as long as they want as long as they keep it cleaned well. For men, their personal hygiene involves cleaning their butt after using the toilet.

How to Clean the Butt after Doing a Number Two

There are many ways of cleaning the butt after doing a number twos. The method you select should be able to clean you sufficiently and at the same time not affect the health of others or affect the environment negatively.

Using Toilet Paper

Is using toilet paper hygienic? Using toilet paper alone does not clean the butt well after a number twos. Not cleaning up well after a number two results in odors.

Using Toilet Wipes

Although toilet wipes clean the butt area well, they are an environmental hazard. Even the innovative wipes that are truly flushable are most times not biodegradable. For the manufacturer to make them flushable, a lot of chemicals are included in their processing which is harmful to the environment.

Using BDÉT Foam Wash

BDÉT Foam Wash is a butt cleaning agent. It is manufactured with ingredients that are gentle on the body and also gentle on the environment. It is quite easy to use BDÉT Foam Wash, it involves, first wiping the butt area with toilet paper after doing a number two. Then apply BDÉT Foam Wash on another piece of toilet paper and now wet wipe the butt area with the moistened tissue paper. The moistened tissue paper will remove any leftover fecal matter and also leave you feeling refreshed and smelling good.

Using a Bidet

Water alone is not sufficient to clean even the rest of the body that is not exposed to fecal matter, for example, the face. Therefore, if you are using a bidet to clean up after using the toilet, you can also use BDÉT Foam Wash to clean up and also to leave you feeling refreshed.