Why your booty's not that clean!

As the owner of BDÉT the World's newest personal hygiene brand, there's a lot of research you do around your number one product. In this case, it's our BDÉT Foam Wash. No, it's not a soap and it's not for your face or hands, it's actually for your butt! Yes, name it what you like but unbeknownst to most people there is a lot to be aware of around bottom hygiene.

Since launching our product in December 2018, we have had an influx of interest about our product, why? Because people want a clean butt and some people know that you can't get a clean bum if you just use toilet paper alone. That is why we are seeing a rise in the use of wet wipes in our sewerage systems around the World, not just here in New Zealand, Aotearoa.

In Auckland alone, 53 million wet wipes clog up the pipes and machinery at the Wastewater Treatment plant in Mangere. Tonnes of wet wipes damage infrastructure, creating phenomenon called "Fatbergs" and are either hand pulled or extracted by machinery and dumped into landfills.

While labelling on wet wipes say "flushable" wastewater experts say there are currently no wet wipes that are in fact "flushable" under their testing regimes. Because the industry is not regulated, there is currently no universal testing that has been approved across the board, so we continue to have companies labelling their plastic or cotton wet wipes as "flushable".

What this means is customers are using wet wipes in the droves to clean their butts, hoping that they're doing their bit for their personal hygiene and the environment. However more and more people are being advised that this is not the case, but if you want a clean booty, and you don't own a bidet or toilet hose then how do you stay clean?

Enter BDÉT, the 100% natural, flushable and biodegradable formula that simply turns toilet paper into the finest natural wipe. It's that simple, convenient and ultra-gentle, the feedback we are hearing the most from users is "it's a product I never knew I needed, until now".

Made from nine natural ingredients, BDÉT Foam Wash is about to take New Zealand and the World by storm, because there simply has never been another product like it. So, if you want to improve your bathroom experience, which for many of us is a daily ritual, you want to have an unbelievable feeling of clean when you finish. Y

ou want your undies to be void of "skiddie marks", yes that has been actual feedback from a user, and you want a product that leaves you smelling so beautifully fresh after one of our most stinkiest daily routines, then BDÉT is the product for you!

Coming to Supermarkets in Spring 2018, just ask at your local store to order BDÉT Foam Wash.


more information go to our website www.b-det.com

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