We are excited to launch the new Commercial BDÉT Range!

Your staff or clients will enjoy the everyday freshness and hygiene of BDÉT, which you simply pump onto toilet paper and wipe. It turns ordinary toilet paper into a luxurious and gentle hygienic combination.

This is an offering that includes a Premium Quality Foam Dispenser that holds up to 1 Litre of BDÉT Foam Wash, which is equal to 2,000 wet wipes.


  • No more wet wipes down the loo Simply pump onto Toilet Paper and wipe your bottom
  • Use on toilet paper to wipe down the seat too!
  • Convenient, cleansing care for your health and hygiene Safe to use on all skin types Dermatologically Tested on Sensitive Skin 98.9% natural ingredients
  • Made in Aotearoa New Zealand

The Foam Wash Dispenser is easy to install, refill and use. Save on plumbing bills, save our environment from more unwanted single-use plastics, and show your staff or clients you care about their health and hygiene needs. So join the BDÉT Revolution and make a small change today that has a significant impact on tomorrow

BDÉT Orange Valencia