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It's Unreal!

BDÉT gave me the confidence to be able to mix and mingle with others after taking number 2s. My usual practice would be to go home, have a shower then stay home.



We tried BDÉT and it's an awesome product. Our Grandkids go everywhere with flushable wet wipes so I am buying them each a bottle! Edina, Australia



I can't believe we're only discovering this now. This is my life, like water and air. 

Tropical Leaves


"The product is great to use and gives you confidence knowing that no unwanted odours linger.
a safety product for hygiene and comfort. It is easy to use and invasive with any strong smell. Recommend for personnel use anywhere. A great product to have when away camping and not always near running water."

— Grant Smith


Easy and gentle on piles

I get piles, I know embarrassing but they're just a part of life. Once I used BDÉT it just transformed the way I have been going to the toilet. I use the foam wash to push them back up and it has changed my life. Anonymous


Safe on Sensitive

I wax down there and I also have sensitive skin, so using the Foam Wash I was a bit sceptical and hesitant. But I used it with no reactions at all, its so gentle. But it's the convenience and it's so discrete, I take it everywhere. It fits in my purse without taking up much room, I'm hooked. Anonymous


Perfect Combo

I've been using wet wipes to wipe my bum for two years now. But after using BDÉT I don't have to! It's so beautiful and soft and does a better job. What a really love is its better for the environment too! Bob, Auckland