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Pikopiko is the native Silver fern of New Zealand Aotearoa and normally grows abundant in the forests or near other native flora.

The Pikopiko scent has slight hints of native Silver Fern with bolder fruity tones of tropical mango and freshly cut coconuts. The natural ingredients means the formula is ultra-gentle and sensitive on the skin.

In the Maori language, Pikopiko means to wander or meander and it is ideal for people who are on the move and like an uplifting fresh forest scent.

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The BDÉT Foam Wash is a revolutionary new product that enhances the performance of ordinary toilet paper, turning it into a luxurious, ultra-gentle wipe.

The Newanewa scent is a mix of soft notes reminiscent of freshly washed linen with aromatic hints of light woody frankincense, mint and a hint of freshly squeezed lime. The combination is both uplifting and refreshing. 

In the Maori language, Newanewa means to be smooth or soft to the touch, which our BDÉT range aims to do. 

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Simply pump BDÉT Foam Wash onto ordinary toilet paper and turn it into a hygienic cleansing wipe, that's flushable and biodegradable. 

Not only does BDÉT Foam Wash enhance the performance of toilet paper it also is a solution to plastic non-flushable wet wipes. The growing consumption of wet wipes for hygiene reasons means there is more and more wet wipes that are creating wide-spread damage to sewerage infrastructure in New Zealand and around the World.

We need to reduce our plastics consumption and using BDÉT is one direct way of achieving that goal. 

We also have consumers using BDÉT Foam Wash to wipe down the toilet seat, wash their hands in lieu of soap, use on baby's bottom with toilet paper instead of baby wet wipes, use as a gentle makeup remover, whole body wash, and even as body cleanser in lieu of a shower to freshen up the arm pits and private areas. 



 BDÉT Room Perfume is made from real French Parfum and is made in the same method as Eau De Toilette perfume. That is why the BDÉT Room Perfume is strong enough to disguise the most challenging of bathroom smells and toilet situations. 

It was important to us that we created a full bathroom experience that the customer could be confident in any situation, especially when they were away from home. That is why the 35ml and 110ml personal hygiene sets are the perfect travel companion. ​

We collaborated with a French Perfumist to work on the special BDÉT formulas and we are so happy with our bespoke sensory designs.