The Revolutionary Wet Wipe Alternative!

BDÉT is New Zealand’s eco-friendly personal hygiene brand that's leading the way in personal hygiene innovation. BDÉT Foam Wash turns ordinary toilet paper into a cleansing, hygienic wipe. Just pump the natural foam formula onto toilet paper, wipe, then flush down the loo. BDÉT Foam Wash is the only alternative to wet wipes currently on the Australasian retail market and are now selling in our major retail FMCG stores, Countdown, Pak'nSave and New World (selected stores) in New Zealand.

The Problem with Wet Wipes 


Wet wipes are made from plastic and are an increasing hazard and cost to the environment and sewage infrastructure, causing millions of dollars of damage nationwide and globally.


In New Zealand alone the damage to wastewater pipes and infrastructure costs $16m annually, in the UK £100m and Canada more than $250m every year, and that cost is expected to rise with the consumption of wet wipes predicted to increase by 5% globally. Covid has also exacerbated the problem with more people using wet wipes for their personal hygiene needs and flushing them down the toilet. This is causing major problems and costing ratepayers millions of dollars a month. 



The Solution is BDÉT! 


BDÉT Foam Wash is made from 98.9% natural ingredients and made in New Zealand. BDÉT Foam Wash was created by Journalist and Mum/Foster Mum of four, out of the need to be clean after one of our most natural bodily functions but also environmentally mindful. Now she is on a mission to stop the environmental destruction caused by wet wipes through promoting the BDÉT Foam Wash which transforms even the roughest and cheapest toilet paper into the most smoothest softest wipe.

BDÉT Foam Wash also has health qualities in that it can reduce the amount of pain and friction caused by excessive toilet paper wiping through:

  • soothing the skin 

  • relieving soreness

  • alleviating discomfort 

BDÉT Foam Wash is making a major difference in the lives of thousands of Kiwis and customers around the world, now Billie hopes more people will enjoy a better way to wipe and a kinder way to do their business by keeping the environment and our oceans at the forefront of their personal hygiene needs. 


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Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha - Managing Director

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