BDÉT is New Zealand’s latest innovative personal hygiene brand. 


BDÉT Foam Wash turns ordinary toilet paper into an ultra-gentle and super cleansing wipe. Just pump the foam onto toilet paper, wipe, then flush down the loo. 


BDÉT Foam Wash is the only alternative to wet wipes currently on the market. 


Wet wipes are made from plastic and are an increasing hazard and cost to the environment and sewage infrastructure, causing millions of dollars of damage nationwide and globally.


In New Zealand alone the damage to wastewater pipes and infrastructure costs $16m annually, in the UK £100m and Canada more than $250m every year, and that cost is expected to rise with the consumption of wet wipes predicted to increase by 5% globally. 


BDÉT Foam Wash also has health qualities in that it can reduce the amount of pain and friction caused by excessive toilet paper wiping through:

  • soothing the skin 

  • relieving soreness

  • alleviating discomfort 

Francis, Auckland

“The feeling was unbelievable. I normally just use toilet paper and when I used BDÉT foam wash as well, I couldn't believe the feeling and it literally made my bum feel like I had just had a shower. It's seriously a game-changer!”


BDÉT Foam Wash is the latest New Zealand innovation to revolutionise the personal hygiene market, not only does it enhance the performance of ordinary toilet paper but it is also a gentle and biodegradable alternative to wet wipes. 

BDÉT Founder Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha created the Foam Wash out of the need to feel clean after one of our most natural bodily functions.

"I came up with the idea about 23 years ago, and since then I have developed the formula over that time." 

"The Foam Wash is the ideal product as it keeps toilet paper intact, is the most soothing and ultra-gentle wipe, and it's flushable!"

"The more I researched the rise of wet wipes in the personal hygiene space, the more I realised what a special product this was, so it was inevitable that after all those years, I had to make it for everyone to use. I knew if I could produce a natural and convenient replacement for wet wipes, then I'd be doing my bit to save the earth from more unwanted plastic products in landfills and the environment". 


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Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha - Managing Director

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